Interior & Architectural Design

ATELIER RACINE is a young multi-disciplinary studio with a focus on human-centric design, craftsmanship & sustainability.

Founded by Diane Martin, following extensive experience within a number of architecture and interior design practices in London, we embrace all aspects of the design process, from providing conceptual design consultancy to complete project management. 

Each project has its own narrative, and therefore we focus on creating a distinct language rather than imposing a particular style. This language is developed through our design process and is the result of a close collaboration with the clients.

Our focus is understanding the way people interact with the spaces we create and how we can achieve a holistic experience through each layer of design. With a strong belief in collaboration and connectedness, we thrive on challenges & limitations that engender new creative paths, new materials & approaches.

ATELIER RACINE is dedicated to creating residential and commercial spaces that are highly responsive to the context and the needs of those using the space. We love craftsmanship and innovative use of materials, and always try to support local makers. Where local suppliers cannot fulfil the brief, Atelier Racine calls on trusted suppliers & collaborators to deliver the best products and expertise.

Most of our projects are based in London, however we also we are happy to undertake projects across the U.K & Europe. 

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